Inflatable Rubber Dams for Controlling Flood

Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and seller of various inflatable rubber dam. We have broad export market which is Australasia, America, Europe, Africa, etc. We offer several kinds of inflatable rubber dam: air inflatable rubber dam, water inflatable rubber dam, bookend rubber dam, shield type rubber dam and spoiler rubber dam. We also offer automatic control system and accessories. Rubber dam is made of high strength canvas which is as the reinforced framework and synthetic rubber. It is fixed on reinforced concrete foundation using clamp plates and anchor bolts. It has good elasticity and tensile strength, also can be resistant to corrosion, abrasion, rust and aging. It is widely used to retain water, control flood, irrigation, power generation, raise existing dam, etc.

Inflatable Rubber Dam
Smooth inflatable rubber dam

Smooth inflatable rubber dam includes air inflatable rubber dam and water inflatable rubber dam. Compared with conventional sluice dam, rubber can be suitable to any span watercourse, also can save 30-70% raw materials. It is resistant to shock, rust, foundation deformation, also has good sealing effect, perfect seismic performance, completely collapse capability and no water resistance.

Air or water inflatable rubber dams are installed in river with the color of blue, black and red.

Bookend rubber dam has obvious fins on the dam body to form a rising angle when the dam is inflated. The fins can heighten overflow's water head and eliminate vacuum underneath the dam to reduce the vibration and abrasion. It is usually used to retain water, agricultural irrigation, generate electricity, control flood, beautify environment, etc.

There are blue, green and black bookend rubber dams on the concrete foundation.

Shield type rubber dam mainly includes steel shield plate and air bladder. Steel shield plates provide front stop water; rubber air bladders provide support for shield plate. Steel shield plates also can protect the rubber dam from sharp substances. Steel shield plates could be stainless steel or carbon steel. Steel shield and rubber dam are fixed on concrete foundation by clamping plates and anchor bolts.

Two shield type rubber dams in low water level river and a shield type rubber dam has overflow.

Spoiler rubber dam adds the spoiler seismic structure at the base of common rubber dam. It can effectively prevent rubber dam oscillating or squirming, thereby reduce the friction with downstream rubber protective layer result from rubber dam vibration.

Black and blue spoiler rubber dam in the situation of with overflow and without overflow.