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Air Water Inflatable Rubber Dams Are Listed on The Page

Air inflatable rubber dam is in front of the bridge, upstream and downstream are water.

Air inflatable rubber dam has high tightness, perfect seismic performance and low cost, is used to irrigation, retain water, control flood.

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A narrow black water inflatable rubber dam has overflow.

Water inflatable rubber dam is more expensive, slower to fill, but more stable, is usually used in retain water, adjust the water level, irrigation.

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A black bookend rubber dam is wet on the concrete slope.

Bookend rubber dam inflated by air or water can reduce vibration and abrasion effectively, is usually used to control flood, retain water, anti-tide.

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Air bladder is fixed on concrete foundation, and the steel plate is supported by air bladder.

Shield type rubber dam is suitable to any span watercourse, has simple durable structure, is widely used in retain water, control flood, irrigation.

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A black spoiler rubber dam is on the side of the river.

Spoiler rubber dam has good elasticity, tensile strength, can effectively anti vibration, is used to retain water, control flood and irrigation.

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The automatic control system consists of eight parts.

Automatic control system with eight parts can control the air or water inflatable rubber dam automatically.

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There are many bundles anchor bolts which one bundle has several anchor bolts.

Clamping plates and anchor bolts with many specs, high standard, resistant to corrosion, is easy to install for fixing dam to concrete foundation.

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